Mutt Motel & Makeovers is a small, family owned pet service business created to house and support rescue efforts of Rehoming Our Animal Refugees (ROAR), a registered, all breed, dog only rescue. ROAR was founded by a small group of dedicated individuals whom have been involved in rescuing, rehabilitating & rehoming animals for over 10 years. There are many animal rescue groups and animal welfare organizations, but there is no shortage of pets needing our help. Mutt Motel & Makeovers enables us to continue our efforts.

Our Staff


Crystal, along with her husband Eric, is the owner of Mutt Motel & Makeovers and ROAR.  Crystal began working with rescue dogs during her career in the Marine Corps from 1992-2000.  It was a natural progression for her to make it her lifelong work, saving dogs.  Her experience includes, kennel management, veterinary assistant, veterinary clinic management, shelter management, grooming, training and behavior.  Crystal is certified in Humane Agent Training EBI, and is a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.   One of her favorite things to do when not working with animals is crafting items and baking dog treats to support rescue efforts.  As a child, she always had dogs and other animals, included ferrets, frogs, cats, hamsters, birds and fish.  Currently Crystal ad Eric have two dogs, both Chinese Shar-Pei.  She enjoys working at home so that she can spend time with her own dogs and family throughout the day.



Catherine has been a volunteer at ROAR for four years. She began volunteering when she adopted her first of several dogs from ROAR.  Catherine not only visits  ROAR, but she also fosters dogs and litters of puppies to help ready them for adoption.  Catherine provides volunteer veterinary appointment transports as well as rescue transport to get dogs both to rescue and to new homes.  One of her favorite things to do when volunteering, is hosting fundraising events to help the cause.  Catherine loves animals and currently has four dogs, one Black Lab, one Chocolate Lab adopted from ROAR, one German Shepard mix adopted from ROAR and one Belgian Malinois adopted from ROAR. She enjoys taking them on long road trips just to enjoy life!


Eric, along with his wife Crystal, is the owner of Mutt Motel & Makeovers and ROAR.  Eric began working with rescue dogs when he met his wife in 2013.  Eric is currently a Cleveland Police Officer of 10 years.  He also spent 8 years at the Sherriff’s Department and prior to that was a Gourmet Chef.  Since beginning this adventure with Crystal, he now has experience that includes, kennel management and shelter management.  One of her favorite things to do when not working with animals is cooking elaborate meals for his family and friends.  Currently, Eric and Crystal have two dogs, both Chinese Shar-Pei.  He enjoys actual days off!