Stories of people who’ve benefited by taking advantage of all that Mutt Motel has to offer.

“Crystal Phoenix is anazing at what she does. The dogs that she takes into her facilities at ROAR have a greater chance at survival and being adopted of any place I’ve seen. Her dedication goes above and beyond just the ordinary “dog lover”. I’ve been to both the old location and the new location and have witnessed many times her lovingly bringing a puppy only days or hours old back from the edge of deaths door. Her strong willed attitude will never fail a dog in need. If you are looking for a new dog or puppy to join your family, Crystal Phoenix and ROAR should be the one to turn to for just the right fit. If ever I need a furever child, she will be the one I turn to. Thank you from all of the dogs placed and still looking. They were blessed to find you.”

– Heather Davis

We adopted Leonard 1 year ago. Crystal asked that we bring our other Shar-pei with us when we came to see Leonard. Leonard came home with us and he surprised us by being much better than we thought about fitting in. Crystal even stopped in to see him when she was in the area. Thank you Crystal for our Leonard.

– Teresa Tatman

Loving, caring and knowledgeable staff. Lots to offer all dog lovers.

– Jennifer Turley

We rescued a dog by the name of Betty and she has been a wonderful dog. ROAR took some time to get to know our family and helped us to pick the perfect dog. It was truly a honor to adopt a dog from ROAR.

– Allen Jarrett

I couldn’t have asked for a better adoption experience than I had at ROAR! When we decided we wanted to add a furbaby to our family, we knew we wanted to adopt a rescue dog. After looking online at their adoptable dogs I spoke with Crystal and stopped up to meet Sadie a rescued pitbull. I was permitted to bring Sadie to our house for a home visit to see how she interacted with everyone in the household. I think what I was most impressed with was Crystal’s knowledge and ability to match a dog with a family to assure a great outcome for both the dog and family. We were so pleased with our experience adopting from ROAR a few short months later we adopted a second dog. We’ve also had the opprotunity to board both our dogs numerous times throughout the summer and it was so nice to know that our pups were cared for just like they would be if they were at home! I just love this facility, staff and the fact that I can do everything from purchase high quality dog food, board them and even have them groomed at one location!

– Jen Tate

We visited R.O.A.R. and told Crystal what kind of traits we wanted in a dog. She found the perfect match for our family! We are thrilled that we can now board our dog, Java, there when we are away. They know her so well and she seems genuinely happy to go back and visit. She is well-cared for and comes home tired from playing with the other dogs!

– Susan Malecki Hren